1. Temporary Processing Only: When you upload a file to Unfile for conversion, we process it on our secure servers just long enough to extract the text contents. We do not store or retain your original file after the conversion is complete.

  2. No Text Storage: Similarly, we do not store the extracted text from your file. Once the converted text has been returned to you, it is purged from our systems.

  3. Secure Transmission: All file uploads and text downloads occur over encrypted connections to safeguard your data in transit.

  4. Automated Processing: The entire conversion process is automated, meaning no human ever sees or has access to your files or their contents. Only you can view your original file and the extracted text.

Rest assured, your files and their contents remain completely private when using Unfile. We retain no copies and your data is securely erased from our servers once your text conversion request has been fulfilled.

If you have any other questions about the privacy and handling of your files in Unfile, please contact us at